About Us


The vision of The Justice Conference South Africa is to see individuals and communities, compelled by a Kingdom-vision based on robust theological frameworks and deep critical social consciousness, released to prophetic imagination and equipped for a lifelong commitment for living justice together.

The Justice Conference South Africa 2017 happened at a time when South Africans were confronting questions raised by some of the hardest challenges facing South Africa and responding to the gospel invitation to allow the good news to speak to these. This was not exclusive to South Africans, as people world-wide wrestled with many of the same issues.

We believe it is critical to recognize that the roots and drivers of injustice have global impact and manifestation. In the same breath, we recognize that God's Kingdom is about the restoration of ALL THINGS: globally and locally, communally and personally, of creation and of humanity. For God so loved the Cosmos!

We are relationally linked and affiliated to The Justice Conference global family, and we have a deep commitment to an authentically South African conference which speaks to local issues of justice, and draws on the wisdom and input of local contributors - academics, theologians, practitioners, artists, and performers. We also seek to welcome international contributors who have a relational, historical or ideological connection to the South African story and who recognize and are able to make explicit the links between their own contexts and the critical work facing the South African society and church in this historical moment, that we may learn how to do justice, together.

The Justice Conference South Africa is a collaborative initiative by a wide range of partners commited to entering into this dialogue together, as siblings in Christ. We are grateful to the organizations, churches, and institutions who have joined us thus far in producing The Justice Conference South Africa. You can find our current partners on our home page.

The Justice Conference South Africa is not positioning as a new organization nor is it a justice movement. We recognize that there is a faith-rooted justice movement in South Africa and that the Conference is a tool which serves to catalyze, fan and feed that movement. We therefore seek partnership with those who see the broader value of a Christian conference within the national justice space in South Africa and who recognize the value of such a conference to the specific justice work of individual organizations.

If your church or organisation sees the value of participating in, and finds alignment with the vision of, The Justice Conference South Africa, we would love to chat more. If you are interested in finding out how to partner with us - by contributing financial resources, in-kind mobilized resources, or people-power to producing the conference - please drop us a line at info@thejusticeconference.co.za